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Whether it is Soccer, Baseball, Animals, Championship albums or whatever – stickers are top.
But to really collect them is a lot of work: Writing lists, checking and re-checking them, adding entries and killing entries. It is the same thing with trading-cards.

“Stickers” makes that a lot easier. All information is immediately available.

A detailed statistic shows you what is missing, how much you already have, what you can trade…
The default screen shows all important details of the album in an overview. A red bar gradually disappears as the album is completed.

The application is optimized for a fast and save gathering of data.
New stickers have been bought? Choose “XXX” and add the numbers.
If there is a green light and the „still need it“ – sound rings a missing sticker is added to the collection. Another sound symbolizes stickers you already have.

Trading is easier too: “Do you need XXX?” – Just scroll through the list and the answer is clear. It is the same for the question “Do you have…”.
Naturally you can also use the keyboard, which is a great advantage if your trading partner asks you for specific numbers.

At the end there is a list of the found stickers – with the sum and further information.
Another feature, especially important stickers can be marked extra. This allows the user to immediately see if it is worth trading sticker X for sticker Y.
There is also a List with all stickers if you would like to know sticker for sticker.

You have a new album?
Take a look if it is already downloadable. If it isn’t you can just create a new album. Give it a name, write down how many stickers it has – and on you go.

You got an album more than once?
No problem at all- “Stickers” can manage that too. If you finished one you can just mark it as solved.

You want to work with an almost full album in “Stickers”?
That’s no problem either. Mark the album as full – then remove the missing stickers.
The double stickers?
Also easy – type in the number and that’s it. Oh, when you have more of one sticker, just press one button and the last sticker will be re-added.

The free-version includes (almost) every feature, but it has a restriction on the number of albums, stickers, …
A detailed feature matrix can be found here: https://puzzle101.net/stickers/Home/Editions

* A variety of different albums
* More than one of the same album
* Fast adding of stickers
* Perfect for trading
* Handy statistics
* Albums can be easily added
* Multilingual
* Albums with hundreds of stickers can be maintained
* The “missing sticker found” sound is just fun to hear
* Works with Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

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